Roy Sturgeon – Flying Cross Ranch

Getting your off track thoroughbred trained for a new career is a unique process as up to this point all of their training has been for racing. In this session you will learn how to use the training that they already have to get the results that you are looking for. Off track thoroughbreds make excellent sport horses and can be used in many different disciplines.

Each horse comes with years of professional training, before they end up looking for another career. This training can be an invaluable asset if you know how to use it to you and your horses advantage. Leave this session with a step by step process to help your off track thoroughbred be the best that they can be in their new career.

Roy Sturgeon has over 4 decades experience in the Thoroughbred industry with 12 of them spent as a jockey. He owned and operated a large thoroughbred training center and has started thousands of colts over the years. Roy’s specialty is working with racehorses with issues, bucking, bad in the starting gate etc. Roy now spends his time teaching at his farm north of Lacombe. The majority of his lesson program horses are off track race horses.