2019 Trainers Challenge Horses


We would like to take this time to thank Ace of Clubs Quarter Horses
for supplying the horses that will be used in the Challenge. You can visit their website at www.aceofclubsquarterhorses.com

Ace of Clubs Quarter Horses is incredibly proud to be supplying the horses used in The Mane Event Trainers Challenge! 

Ace of Clubs Quarter Horses continual goal is to produce horses that we want to ride & are proud to ride; horses that can take the pressure of working all day in the pasture, or light up an arena. We want a versatile horse; horses with heart, intelligence, athletic ability, speed, and size, with good looks to complete the package.

We use our horses everyday; covering sections of rough terrain along the South Saskatchewan River, working tough black angus cattle. Through the year we cycle through many saddle horses, between ranching and Ponoka Stampede grand entry.  For the past 16 years we have volunteered with the Ponoka Stampede, participating each year in 7 performances that are hard hitting, fast paced action that we expect our horses to stand up to and excel at.

The horse breeding business for us is about commitment, hard decisions, hard work, and strict selection criteria that make it possible to produce outstanding using horses. It is a never ending process.