2018 Trainers Challenge

Trainers Challenge
Trainers Challenge
Trainers Challenge

Trainers Challenge Logo 2017 The Trainers Challenge is an unique opportunity to see 3 trainers put their skills to work to show the public their abilities and methods of training an unbroke horse. This is NOT the way these trainers would normally start a colt, what they do in the 3 days of the Challenge they might take 30 – 60 days or more to get the horse really working well at all of the different skills they are training into the colts. This Challenge is meant to be a venue to educate the public that there are more than one or two ways that you can start a colt and succeed at getting a quiet broke horse.

The format will have 3 – Trainers, 3 – Horses and 3 – Judges. Keep in mind that these horses will have just started their training to become that broke horse. The trainers are progressing far quicker than they normally would always keeping the horses best interest at heart.

The judging at this challenge is based 10% on the horse, 60% on the trainer’s ability to train the horse and 30% on the trainer’s ability to educate the attendees. So the trainer that gets his/her horse to do the most or does a better presentation at the finals won’t necessarily win. The winner of the challenge will be the trainer that can achieve the highest success with both the horse & the spectators. 


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Hugh McLennan


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Past Trainers Challenge Champions

  • 2018 – Alex Alves, Jason Irwin, Kade Mills
  • 2017 – Glenn Stewart, Martin Black, Shamus Haws
  • 2016 – Doug Mills, Patrick King, Scott Purdum, Steve Rother
  • 2015Patrick King, TJ Clibborn, Kateri Cowley
  • 2014Kent Williamson, Russ Krachun, Tom Durocher
  • 2013 – Shawn Patrick, Wylene Davis, Heath Marshall
  • 2012 – Mike Kevil, Martin Black, Kerry Kuhn
  • 2011 – Shawn Seabrook, Kade Mills, Aaron Ralston
  • 2010Ken McNabb, Brent Trout, Tom Forehand
  • 2009Doug Mills, Mel Hyland, Patrick Hooks
  • 2008 – Craig Cameron, Steve Rother, Jon Ensign
  • 2007 – Jay O’Jay, Steve Rother, Ray Lochert