Nicole Carswell Tolle

Nicole Carswell Tolle is based out of Fountain, Colorado where she raises Tennessee Walking Horses and works to grow the new Tennessee Walking Horse Saddle and Equipment  Company WALK N STYLE.

Nicole is a life long trainer of Tennessee Walking Horses.  She is a true student of the seat and how it effects the performance of the horse.  Instructor of 17 World Champions and numerous International Champions,  Nicole works to ensure the horse and rider are in the best position for success through positive coaching and a good eye for the fit and functionality of equipment. 

Nicole has always been involved in the education side of the breed.  She has traveled to Europe, Canada, Australia and all over the US as a judge, clinician and now company owner in an effort to educate about all the possibilities of the breed she is so passionate about.  She has seen the need for better, well rounded teaching not only on the training of the horse, but of the application of technique by the rider. 

Nicole will be joined by Lisa Bozak of Alberta.  Lisa is the new Canadian representative for WALK N STYLE.  She has been involved with Tennessee Walking Horses since a very young age and adds a great presence to the WALK N STYLE family.  Lisa will be available in the booth as well to answer questions and discuss horses.

Come join Nicole and Lisa as they present teaching under the banner of the Walk N Style Academy.  Learn to train and ride gaited horses as never before!