Merle Newton

Merle and Sandi Newton own and operate Crystal Rose Cow Dog College where they are dedicated to raising and training some of the most accomplished cattle dogs in the country.

Experienced in the management of large cattle operations, the Newtons are stock dog professionals with over 50 years of combined training experience that bring a practical perspective to cow dog training.

Whether a rancher wanting to hone the skills of dogs used in daily work, a trial handler seeking that competitive edge…or a beginner looking for a comprehensive education, Merle and Sandi have much to offer each owner and dog.

Because they significantly limit the number of dogs they keep in training at any given time, a clinic conducted by the Newtons is a unique opportunity to garner exposure to their knowledge and training techniques over the course of several intense days of instruction. Merle and Sandi are also pioneers of the Rodear Cow Dog Trial,;a stock dog contest wherein handlers are on horseback.