Dana Hokana

I grew up as an only child of a single Mother. We lived in the city. But my Mother said that “horse” was my first word. She tells me that I was obsessed with horses. She said that it was almost unexplainable. I said from a young age that I was going to be a horse trainer. When I was eleven years old I mowed lawns, dog sat and helped babysit to earn and save up $400. I bought my first horse when I was about twelve. I kept my horse at a stable at the beach and worked off part of his board. I loved it! I would ride into the ocean and slide off the back of the horse and hold his tail to ride the waves in. It was wonderful! 

Holding horses for the farrier & running the rent string in my teens were just a few things I did to be involved with horses. My next job was at about seventeen, to work for a Western show horse trainer. I worked there for over three years and got my first show horse, “Osa Gold”. I learned a lot about horse training and showing. This started my horse show career. 

After that period, I went and rode with a lot of the greatest horsemen in the world. I developed a hunger for knowledge that I just couldn’t quench. Learning was my passion. I read every article or book I could find on what made a horse unique in their mechanics and makeup. I also ran a training business, and myself and my daughters showed my own horses. I set a goal to have one of the greatest stallions in the world. I am blessed to own that horse. “Invested Dimension” is a son of the immortal, “The Investor”. I reached another goal with him and that was to win a world title. He and I were Reserve World Champions in the Senior Western Pleasure. I have a strong Faith in God and live in Temecula, CA with my husband, Boyd and two daughters, Brook and Bree. We live on a ranch that we built from the ground up! I have a son, Jeremy who is married and lives locally as well.