Dale Clearwater

Dale Clearwater grew up near Nipawin, Sask. He began working for the provincial pasture system at age 16. During his eight years on the pasture Dale refined his skills by attending as many clinics as he could and watching videos. Pasture work also taught Dale the art of working and handling cattle. After some early success in ranch horse competitions, Dale wanted to try competing at a higher level and decided to try the cowhorse arena. In preparation he spent winters working for reining horse and cutting horse trainers. Dale has taken pieces of programs from his mentors and combined them into a program he feels works well. But for those who know him, he says that he never stops learning and is always looking for ways to improve! Dale has been successful in the cutting pen (LTE $55,000+) and has dabbled in the Reining pen (LTE $3000.00+), but is more known for his success in the Reined Cowhorse Arena with LTE of over $400,000.