Alex Fraser

Alex and his wife Kayo got into draft horses around 1976 to do the work on their small ranch in North Idaho. Their first draft horse was a Belgian mare but they eventually changed to Belgian geldings and owned Percherons and Clydesdales. They used their draft horses to put up hay on a ranch in Sandpoint, Idaho and operated a horse drawn trolley business.

They attended the draft horse shows from Colorado to California including the Idaho Draft Horse International, Monroe Extravaganza, Draft Horse Classic, Denver Stock Show and Calgary Stampede, showing from a single horse up and to a six-horse hitch.  

They moved to Montana in 1990 and started the Fraser School of Driving in 1995.

Alex got into the Combined Driving Events (CDEs) when a client begged him to compete with her team of four Norwegian Fjords. After his first event, he was hooked on this aspect of driving and learned more about this sport from some of the top world class drivers and clinicians. He eventually competed with his own pair of warmbloods at the CDEs in the west.

Alex has judged many of the draft horse and pleasure driving shows in the western USA. He has also served as an expert witness for many carriage accidents from Florida to Washington and offers safety evaluations for the drivers, horses and equipment for commercial driving businesses.  

He will travel to teach at clinics but believes people will get more individual training when they come to the school in Montana. Alex believes, driving is driving, no matter what type, breed or style of horse you have. He puts a lot of emphasis on safety and believes the sport of driving should be fun – otherwise why do it?