Matt Robertson

Horses play a vital role in the life of Matt Robertson.  From putting the first ride on a young one or working cattle with a bridle horse to shoeing and riding broncs, the admiration and respect for our equine friends runs deep.  The Wyoming native had his start as a young teen breaking colts and from there he continued to learn and evolve his horsemanship.  Matt has worked for different ranches and breeders starting handfuls of colts at a time, as well as his own horses.  He currently spends his summers in the saddle working at Lomond Grazing Association.  Last year Matt took part in the inaugural Heart of the Horse colt starting competition, the first of a kind for him.  

Alongside the time Matt has investment in developing his horsemanship, he has spent numerous hours fine-tuning his songwriting and guitar playing talents.  Using his experience with horses, rodeo and day working, Matt writes and plays cowboy music. He now has released five albums and has performed for people across the west; from Alpine, Texas to South Bank, British Columbia, including the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, NV.