Glenn Stewart

Glenn Stewart has been working with horses and their owners for over 40 years teaching thousands of students his Horse Development Program.

Glenn’s work with and knowledge of horses is diverse. He travels extensively each year delivering horsemanship clinics across Canada, the United States in South America and Europe. Glenn leads camps at his home in Fort St. John at The Horse Ranch. For 19 consecutive years, he has led the horsemanship education adventure High & Wild in the Northeastern Rocky Mountains – a remote location 85 miles from the nearest roads.

Glenn has over 30 years of experience in the horse industry having taught thousands of students all across North and South America.  His work and knowledge with horses are diversified; he has taught clinics and given demonstrations for some of the top Lusitano breeders of Brazil,  puts on Colt Starting clinics in the Rocky Mountains 100 miles from the nearest roads, and prepares performance horses for competition and sales.  He also does management consulting for equine facilities, implementing his Horse Development Program for everything from breeding farms, cutting horses, hunter jumpers to working equitation and dressage.

Glenn provides management consulting for equine facilities – breeding farms, cutting horses, hunter/jumpers, working equitation, and dressage. Glenn is a published author and delivers corporate and leadership development presentations.